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Gentle Brazilian dance for over 50s

With support from the Silver Social Action Fund funded through The Community Foundation Staffordshire, we delivered weekly classes in standing and seated dance aimed at over 50s.


We delivered a short term programme of Brazilian dance classes (standing and seated) aimed at over 50s in Newcastle-under-Lyme (King St Studios) and Penkhull (Village Hall). The classes covered a wide range of styles of Brazilian dance, with set choreographies adapted, through research and development, to be suitable for older people who are less mobile, for those who need to avoid high impact movements on their joints, and also a completed adapted set of routines to be done seated. This allowed us to provide the opportunity for some who may not otherwise be able to take part in dance/exercise activities.

The aims of the project were to;
- promote maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle amongst older people.

- provide the opportunity for older people to participate in activities in their community.

- provide a friendly environment for older people to socialise and stay connected to their community, helping to address issues of isolation and loneliness.

- encourage older people to try something new and develop new skills sets.


Marie, 64


“I would like to express how much I enjoy coming to the Brazilian dance class on a Monday evening. I have always attended some form of dance class, Salsa and in particular Line Dancing. However, I now have various health problems and found that this type of dance has been invaluable to me.


It has improved my mobility, and learning the various steps helps to keep my mind active. Also, the inspiring music and the enthusiasm that Mika expresses when teaching us the steps is really encouraging. Brazilian dance is not something I would have normally gone for but because it is tailored for our age group it has opened a door to something I would never have considered. To be with others who so obviously enjoy the time we spend together is a great benefit.


May I also include that I started to come to class to help my friend who is recently bereaved and it has had real benefits to her, judging by the positive comments she makes when we leave. I don't know what we would be able to replace the class with if it no longer was available to us.”


Janet, 57


”I really enjoy the Brazilian Dance class for the over 50's. I like how it makes me think as well as move and there is always something new to learn - whether it be a change to an established routine or a new one altogether. The music is great fun and the rhythm makes you move even before you start dancing. Mika is a great teacher - she is always cheerful, professional and knowledgeable. She is very informative about the dances we learn and I particularly like learning about the different styles of dance and their historical origins.


The dance class has helped with my overall fitness and the movement and dancing is very good for one's well being. It is great being part of a group who are all of a similar age and we can empathise with each other as we learn and laugh during the class. One important point is that there are few classes like this around - I would find going to a gym class to help with my fitness a bit intimidating as I have not been a regular gym goer. Most of the classes for the over 50's are often aimed at people who are a lot older and so the fitness aspect would not be enough for me. Once you start a class like this there is the opportunity to hear about other classes and activities which are of interest - whether through something Mika runs or from the other participants in the class. 


Overall - I would thoroughly recommend this class - it has been one of the most enjoyable I have ever attended!”

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