ART BRASIL Community Capoeira by Jenny Harper Photography

Brazilian Fusion of Martial Art, Dance & Music

Capoeira is a unique, vibrant and culturally rich art form developed by enslaved peoples in Brazil. 

It's a great way to
improve your heart-lung health, strength, flexibility, balance & mobility.

Thursday Evenings 18:30-20:00
Mixed Levels Adults Course at Fenton Town Hall Ballroom

£45 for 7 Week Course (8 Sept to 20 Oct 2022)


Capoeira is a unique Brazilian movement/art form fusing elements of martial arts, dance, music and culture. Developed by enslaved African peoples in Brazil, it comes with history and connections to a vast range of dance, music and communal practices all brought together as an expression of togetherness and identity. Capoeira is played as a game between to players, inside a roda (pronounced ho-da), a circle of musicians, singers and other players. It's a playful and respectful game between friends, who create a conversation of movement, each responding to the other. It's a great way to get physically active, boost your fitness and improve your stamina, strength and flexibility.


- This 7 week block will help to improve your fitness levels, strength, stamina and overall health and well-being.
- This class is taught by our capoeira specialist Mestre Piolho.
- Suitable for all levels, with a focus on beginners.
- You'll be training with our regular capoeira members too, so there'll be lots of friendly support from others.
- The course will explore a range of movements - including standing kicks, escapes and spins, as well as movements using hands and feet on the floor to hold the body weight such as cartwheels and handstands.
- Each session will include a warm-up to mobilise the body and boost circulation, and a cool down and stretch.
- Capoeira training is a great opportunity to get your body moving in a whole new way!


- Class take place at Fenton Ballroom (Former Town Hall) Albert Square, Fenton ST4 3FA.

- There is free on-street parking on surrounding streets.


- £45 for the 7 week course. 

- Or try the first class as a taster for £8 and pay the difference if you decide to do the full course.

- Payments accepted by card or paypal account via paypal (no paypal account needed).


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Coming back soon!
Be active, have fun and spend quality time together as a family with Capoeira. It's a great way to exercise together in a fun and friendly atmosphere where everyone can join in cartwheeling and rolling around, with a world expert capoeira specialist!
If you are interested in attending our family capoeira class please enquire here.


If you are experienced in Capoeira and would be interested to join our regular adult training group please enquire here.