Brazilian music, dance and carnival craft activities for kids

Each year we delivery a short Summer School for kids to explore Brazilian drumming, dance, capoeira, and carnival crafts with our team of artists.

We take our summer school to different community venues around Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme each year:  2017 Penkhull Village Hall (SOT), 2016 Ramsey Road Community Centre (Cross Heath NUL), 2015 North Staffs Special Adventure Playground (NUL), 2014 King St Studios (NUL).

The summer school covers a wide range of art forms and takes different forms each year, sometimes we deliver 2 full days of activities and others may be 4 shorter afternoons. Each time we work towards an informal sharing for friends/family at the end of the project.

The aims of the summer school are to provide a safe and friendly environment for children to:
- learn lots of new skills
- develop new friendships
- increase confidence & self-esteem
- gain an understanding of cultural awareness and respect for others
- have tons of fun