Engage and inspire your pupils with a workshop day with a difference.

Our school visits provide an exiting cross curricular experience exploring authentic rhythms, dances and songs of Brazil.

We can arrange a bespoke workshop plan to suit your needs, from 1/2 days and full days to a series of visits, options of whole school assemblies to energise the day and end of day showcase performances.

Contact us to arrange your workshop or for more info.


Sharing music and dance with older people in our communities.

We've developed a programme of modified workshops, suitable for mixed levels of ability and mobility, to enable us to engage more with older people's groups and those living with dementia.

Our workshops provide a wide range of benefits to physical and mental health including:

  • improve balance, strength, co-ordination and mobility

  • improve concentration, focus and memory 

  • increase confidence through learning new skills and feel encouraged to try new things

  • reduce feelings of isolation through connecting with others

  • increase energy levels as well as reduce stress and anxiety


Dance and drumming workshops for older people's groups

Workshop visits can be made to friendship groups, community groups, residential facilities and community housing associations.

Choose from a Seated Samba Dance or Drumming workshop, approx 30 mins to 1 hr delivery to suit, or combine them for a longer session.

In recent years we have worked with local groups Aspire Housing, Age UK, Moss Green Village, West End Village, Live Age Festival and North Staffs Hospital Volunteers.


Helping improve quality of life, health and well-being

Our workshops for adults living with dementia are designed to create a sense of community and connection to others, celebrating moments of joy shared with family, carers and friends.  

Using a range of bright and colourful props and instruments we engage participants with a combination of gentle physical exercises, sing-a-long songs, simple seated dance routines, instrument explorations and group drumming.  Sessions usually last between 45 mins and
1hr 30 to suit your group.

We've worked locally with Approach for Positive Dementia Support, Belong Village, The Grocott Centre and North Staffs Carers.

Thanks to funding awarded from The National Lottery we will be delivering regular workshops for dementia support groups in North Staffordshire as soon as we are able to resume this work safely.