ART BRASIL Older People's Workshops

Sharing Music & Dance In Our Communities

We're passionate about providing fun, accessible and memorable experiences for all ages.

Our bespoke workshops for older people promote health and well-being through music and dance suitable for all levels of mobility. 


We've developed a programme of modified workshops suitable for mixed levels of mobility, to enable us to engage more with older people in our community.

Our workshops provide a wide range of benefits to health and well-being helping to:

  • boost energy levels and mood

  • improve mobility and flexibility

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • improve balance and strength

  • develop co-ordination and motor skills

  • improve concentration, focus and memory 

  • feel more confident through learning new skills

  • reduce feelings of isolation through connecting with others

  • feel encouraged to try new things

Workshop visits can be made to friendship groups, community groups, residential facilities and community housing associations. Our recent workshop visits include working with Art Link, Aspire Housing, Age UK, WestEnd Village, The Grocott Centre, Live Age Festival, Haywood Hospital Volunteers and the Royal Voluntary Service.


Chair Based Brazilian Dance Workshops

Our Seated Samba dance workshops are an accessible way to get everyone moving to music together. They are suitable for all levels of mobility and aimed at people who love to dance but perhaps don't feel confident dancing up on their feet. Using easy-to-follow dances, we explore styles from all over Brazil in a format developed from the evidence based standard chair based exercise. With lots of options and adaptations on offer, we support everyone to be part of the dance. Set to uplifting music that will bring the dancer out in everyone, we'll get everyone wiggling and giggling to boost their health and happiness.


Standing Brazilian Dance Workshops

Designed for people who feel comfortable dancing on their feet, our standing Brazilian dance workshops are a great way to get everyone up and enjoying moving together. There'll be something for everyone as we explore a variety of styles of Brazilian music styles that you just can't help dancing to. All levels of movement and mobility are catered for so everyone can be part of the experience.


Seated Group Drumming Workshops

Drumming is a great group activity which boosts energy levels and mood. Our workshops explore authentic carnival rhythms using a range of Brazilian percussion instruments from bigger bass drums and buzzing snares on stands, to smaller hand held drums and shakers. No musical experience is necessary, just leave it to us to get everyone playing together to create a synchronised sound and sense of community.


If you'd like to discuss a workshop visit please get in touch here.