ART BRASIL Dementia Friendly Workshop by Natalie Willatt

Creating Moments of Joy & Connection

Our dementia friendly workshops focus on celebrating the moment together.

Using the power of music, we create shared experiences which help to improve quality of life, health and well-being. 


Our workshops for adults living with dementia are designed to create a sense of community and connection to others, celebrating moments of joy shared with family, carers and friends. Using a range of brightly colourful props and instruments, we engage participants with a combination of gentle movement to music, sing-along songs and music making so there's something for everyone. Workshops usually last between 45 mins and 1hr 30 to suit your group. 

There are a number of measurable benefits for participants including;

  • providing a friendly and appropriate environment for physical activity

  • giving a sense of belonging and connection to others reducing isolation

  • bringing moments of joy shared with friends and family

  • boosting mood and energy levels

  • improving mobility, co-ordination and motor skills

  • supporting memory and cognitive functions

  • reducing stress and anxiety

Recently we've worked locally with Approach Dementia Support, The Grocott Centre, North Staffs Carers and Nantwich Museum.

If you'd like to discuss a workshop visit please get in touch here.